Our Capabilities



This statement of qualifications describes Field Solutions capabilities and experience in providing environmental field services, with a specific focus on environmental monitoring, operation and maintenance of ground water and landfill gas extraction and treatment systems.

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Field Solutions is a specialized environmental field services firm founded in 1999.  We provide focused field services outsourcing for industrial clients, landfill owner/operators, environmental consultants, and other environmental services providers.

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The professionals at Field Solutions are leaders in their fields; many have been working in the environmental industry since the mid-1980’s. Most are certified professionals in their areas or have specialized training in their areas of expertise.

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Environmental Sampling
Operation and Maintainence Services
Compliance Services
Industrial Hygiene
Facility Closure
Construction support

What We Do?

Environmental Sampling
Operation and Maintenance Services
Compliance Services
Facility Closures
Construction Support
Environmental Assistance
Industrial Hygiene
Ventilation Surveys
Site Safety Plans
Emergency Response Plans
Air Sampling
Surface Emisson Monitoring
Soil/Waste Characterization
Wastewater Sampling
Storm Water Monitoring
Laboratory Coordination