Mr. Adler is a Remediation Systems Operator for Field Solutions, Inc.  He is responsible for groundwater monitoring activities, remediation system operations, landfill gas extraction and hazardous waste operations.  Mr. Adler employs a team concept approach to projects ensuring that individual and group responsibilities are met to promote good working relationships and high quality work.


Associate of Science, Electronics, Modesto Junior College

Selected Key Project Experience

Industrial Facility, Sunnyvale – Groundwater Extraction and Treatment

Operate and maintain three groundwater extraction and air stripping/carbon adsorption treatment systems at a large semiconductor facility in Sunnyvale, California. Duties include weekly readings of flow meters at extraction points; review and distribution of flow data; adjustments of pumping cycles to optimize flow from the extraction points; and maintenance of the extraction systems. Duties also include sampling treatment system process water; NPDES permit sampling and reporting; extraction and groundwater well sampling; reviewing analytical results; estimating carbon exhaustion rates; and coordinating carbon changes.

Superfund Site, San Jose – Groundwater Extraction

Operate and maintain a groundwater extraction and ultraviolet/oxidation treatment system. The extraction system includes 20 wells with Ejector Systems pumps. The treatment processes included filtration, pH adjustment, UV/oxidation and carbon polishing. Responsibilities included maintenance and field repair of the extraction pumps, flow adjustment to optimize hydraulic capture, filter change-outs, compressor maintenance, and NPDES compliance sampling.

Bay Area – Petroleum Hydrocarbon Remediation Systems

Treatment technologies included soil vapor extraction, air sparging, groundwater extraction and treatment, and groundwater reinjection. Responsible for optimizing system performance during a 24-month service contract. Developed preventative maintenance programs for the systems and completed field modifications under the direction of a remediation engineer to enhance system performance.

Other Projects

Groundwater monitoring activities

Well sampling, well devilment, water level surveys, pumping tests, well construction oversight and the coordination of personnel in these activities.

 Remediation system operations

Operating and maintaining soil vapor extraction systems and groundwater extraction systems. These activities include the use of many manufacturers’ (Great Lakes, VR Systems, Honeywell, Ejector systems, Therm Tech, Baker Furnace, Grundfos, Stealth, Environmental Instruments, Zinc, Airex, ORS, Thomas) equipment. Other activities in this area include the adaptation of older or obsolete equipment to optimize system performance. The primary focus for remediation system operation is to execute within the scope of the plan (such as plume containment, spill cleanup, source cleanup) while maintaining compliance with approved schedules and budgets.

Landfill gas extraction

Balancing gas systems, monitoring gas probes, operation and maintenance of flare stations, construction of landfill gas control systems, and maintenance of monitoring equipment.

Professional Certifications

Maintains current 29 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) Part 1910.120 and Title 8, CCR, section 5192 health and safety training status, and supervisor health and safety training status.

Staff_Mark Adler

Associate of Science, Electronics, Modesto Junior College


Maintains current 29 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) Part 1910.120 and Title 8, CCR, section 5192 health and safety training status, and supervisor health and safety training status.