Field Solutions is a specialized environmental field services firm founded in 1999. We provide focused field services outsourcing for industrial clients, landfill owner/operators, environmental consultants, and other environmental services providers. Our services enable clients to achieve cost-effective and efficient environmental field solutions. Our sampling group consists of highly trained environmental samplers and equipment operators, supported by a fleet of specially designed sampling trucks, and an array of field testing and monitoring equipment. The Field Solutions sampling group is dedicated to developing and implementing reproducible sampling procedures that encompass the full spectrum of environmental conditions and sampling requirements which result in the generation of high quality and defensible data.

Our expert staff of environmental samplers, operation and maintenance specialists, and environmental health and safety professionals has a reputation for providing quality service and offering innovative solutions. Our clients range across industry, electronics, semiconductor, automotive, pharmaceutical, utility, transportation, and aerospace. We also provide these services to solid waste management facilities within the public and private sector.

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