Environmental Sampling

Field Solutions personnel are currently providing a broad array of environmental monitoring services at the Acme Landfill. Services relate to on-going operation of the Class III landfill and closure of the Class I landfill. Field Solutions provides semiannual groundwater-monitoring, leachate-monitoring, and surface water sample collection at one active and two closed Parcels. Wells are sampled following the procedures outlined in the RCRA Groundwater Monitoring Technical Enforcement Guidance Document (Office of Solid Waste and Emergency Response 9950.1, September 1986). The field parameters temperature, electrical conductivity, and pH, are measured for stability before the groundwater wells are sampled. Dissolved oxygen, turbidity, and specific gravity measurements are also recorded during sampling. Field data, including field data sheets for each well, and laboratory chain-of-custody documentation is transmitted to the client at the end of each quarterly monitoring event. Additional field services provided at the site include stormwater monitoring, health and safety training for landfill operations personnel, air quality testing, maintenance of wells during construction, and landfill gas monitoring.

Field Solutions personnel are responsible for optimizing gas extraction from 87 landfill gas wells and horizontal collectors at the Acme Parcels. The wells are also operated in strict compliance Acme’s Major Facility Review Permit issued by the Bay Area Air Quality Management District. Field Solutions personnel work closely with site personnel to ensure that site operation and maintenance records are kept in a format that facilitates ready compliance with a number of air pollution control district rules.

Environmental Sampling
  • Sampling and Analysis Plan Preparation
  • Groundwater Monitoring, Sampling and Remediation
  • Landfill Gas Extraction System Testing and Adjustments
  • Air Sampling
  • Surface Emisson Monitoring
  • Soil/Waste Characterization
  • Wastewater Sampling
  • Storm Water Monitoring
  • Laboratory Coordination
  • Data Evaluation and Reporting